Engage with meaning

It’s not enough to just engage with customers, they want to feel understood and taken care of. With SkyCap's Porter, engagement is tailored specifically to their preferences and needs.

Por·ter : a virtual assistant to ease the burden of travel

At the core of Porter’s DNA is human-centered engagement, where engagement is designed around the customer.

  • Make it personal

    Unlike other tools, SkyCap curates conversations based on context, making each interaction personal to your customers.

  • Be consistent

    SkyCap never sleeps, so your customers stay connected to the information they need most.

  • Build connections

    With Natural Language Processing (NLP), SkyCap creates organic conversations, making your customers feel heard and understood.

  • Keep it simple

    No one likes to talk to a machine. SkyCap’s human touch provides actionable and easy-to-understand information.


A dynamic tool for a dynamic world

Navigate your customers through any obstacle

Empower travelers to move freely, safely, and confidently at every step of their journey. SkyCap provides curated and actionable Covid-19 guidance in a world full of uncertainty, so travelers can make smart decisions knowing their health and well-being are looked after. And as the travel landscape evolves, so does SkyCap.

Anticipate customer needs at every step

Compared to other tools, SkyCap’s Mom Factor™ knows just what your customers need, evolves with them over time, and makes smart decisions on their behalf so they can focus on what matters most.

Make it personal with tailored recommendations

Travel should be effortless. With SkyCap, we do the work by providing curated experiences based on traveler preferences so they can maximize their time and energy without the hassle.